Multiservice card, student card, staff card

The multiservice card, with its unique design, has been given out to new and current Univ. Grenoble Alpes students and staff progresively since September 2017, in replacement of the convention student and personnel cards.
This card will allow students anf staff to access and borrow book at the university libraries, to buy meals at the CROUS Grneoble Alpes restaurants through the Izly payment service, etc. Others services may potentially be added onto this list, such asacces to secure buildings, checks during exams...

Cartes multiservices

Who can apply for the multiservice card?

  • All students and staff from IDEX partner institutions 
  • Potentially the research organizations present in the Grenoble region

Which campus sites?

  • Grenoble and Valence

What services?

  • Student/staff card
  • Library access (via barcode)
  • Restaurants + Izly + payments for other university services
  • Optional: access control

Published on June 5, 2018