Disability and accessibility


  • to provide advice and support to disabled students, so that they can fully take part in student life (education, culture, sports, sociability, etc.)
  • to improve autonomy and provide disabled students and universities with a set of instruments to enable access to knowledge
  • to make sure that disabled students are fully included and considered in their course and school, and provide adequate support to academic and administrative staff
  • to improve accessibility to academic buildings, restaurants, pathways and streets.

The office for disability provides:

  • tailored service for disabled students for everything related to: information and orientation, course arrangements, schedules and exams, human, material, technical and teaching support, career service, participation to sport and cultural events.
  • awareness-building and information events, technical advice for academic and administrative staff
  • expertise and technical watch for all issues relating to improving access to knowledge in situations of disability: training sessions, participation to the national expert group of the Conference of University Presidents and the General Direction for Higher Education.