Health services


  • to address health-related needs of students with:
    • dedicated young-adult care
    • individual or collective care
    • prevention and monitoring of student health

  • to ensure occupational health for the staff:
    • occupational medicine
    • prevention and safety
    • social services for staff

To this end, the Health Centre regularly organizes events for students and staff, and develops such activities as: the recent setting up of the observatory on physical activity, weight, psycho-active substance use and mental health of students; the improvement of services to foreign students with the production of bilingual documentation.


Key figures

  • 46 dedicated staff
  • second planification centre in Isère by number of visits
  • 300 weekly hours of consultations
  • 36,800 medical acts performed yearly for the benefit of students
  • 9,693 students attended in 2012-2013
  • 34.7% of acts performed for the benefit of foreign students (EU included)