Innovations in teaching and learning

Univ. Grenoble Alpes offers high-quality courses and many teaching and learning innovations: new organization of health studies, cutting-edge curricula for dynamic sectors (energy, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies...), internationalized courses, etc.


Plateforme Fun - Moocs

4 IDEFI projects

    A path of excellence for vocational high school graduates
    ÉNEPS is a highly original higher education course, targeting vocational high school graduates and offering them the best conditions for academic success. It provides the means for vocational high school graduates to continue their studies within a technology university institute (IUT - Institut universitaire de technologie).
  • Innovalangues
    Innovation in language learning
    Improving language learning through innovative practices and methodologies.
  • Promising
    The collective intelligence of innovation
    Promising is a higher education program designed to build a nationally and internationally recognized skill center for teaching innovation and creativity in the humanities and social sciences.
  • ReflexPro
    Using digital technology for a different kind of learning
    Digital technology to promote stronger student involvement in their higher education.