IDEX: executive commission education and learning innovation

Presentation and members

Objectives and mission

The executive commission Education and Learning Innovation of Univ. Grenoble Alpes supports the quality and excellence of teaching, as well as its attractivity and international visibility:
  • Better student success through a pro-active, autonomous attitude
  • A diversity of teaching modalities: on site / distant, synchronous / asynchronous, etc.
  • Interdisciplinarity, creativity, and life-long learning
  • Attractivity and visibility of programmes
  • Articulation of research and education (training through research, training to research, articulation education-research-socio-economic challenges, education & research platforms, etc.)
  • Interfaces with socio-economic and cultural partners

To reach those aims, the executive commission:
  • Develops existing initiatives and supports change
  • Launches specific calls for projects


  • A “graduate school” to increase the international visibility of the educational offer at the Master and PhD level, through the setting up of a dedicated portal and the international promotion of programmes. The creation of a professionalization centre will support the job prospects of all Master and PhD students and will develop student services (job fairs, internships, etc.).
  • A center for innovative pedagogy will orient and advise academic staff for their teaching & learning initiatives. It will also offer a training programme, a teaching & learning watch, and activities to discover new teaching & learning techniques and tools. The centre will work in close collaboration with research teams specialized in education sciences and didactics.
  • A language center will support the language teaching programmes, with a focus on specific targets such as internationalisation of programmes, language testing and assessment (based on national and international tests), language teachers’ training on innovative approaches.
  • A life-long learning center will increase the visibility of the life-long educational offering, notably through a unique portal to access all necessary information.
  • A center for multidisciplinary projects will facilitate the articulation of all platforms, set up a digital peer-to-peer platform for students to find study partners and create multidisciplinary project teams – in this context, a project may be considered as multidisciplinary if it involves students coming from different disciplines.
  • A job market and career observatory will gather information about the job market and follow up former students’ careers, in articulation with the alumni initiatives supported by the executive commission student life. These data will support both curricula evolution as well as Univ. Grenoble Alpes' global strategy. Information on student internships will be centralized on a single platform for all potential partners (private and public sector, associations, etc.). Cultural and socio-economic actors will be associated more strongly to the evaluation and setting up of educational programmes, to improve student employability. With the same objective, the IDEX will support the development of the “student-entrepreneur” status, to provide optimal conditions to students wishing to launch start-ups.
Several calls for projects target academic staff, departments, services and platforms: 
  • Teaching & learning innovation and learning-by-doing platforms, with two main priorities:

    • Priority 1: teaching & learning transformation
    • Priority 2: development of platforms and learning-by-doing initiatives
  • International disciplinary and multidisciplinary summer schools
  • IDEX Master fellowships for attractiveness

Those calls for projects are published on a yearly basis and are open to actors of the IDEX Université Grenoble Alpes perimeter. Partners outside the IDEX perimeter are welcome but cannot be funded.

 Composition of the commission

Institution Members
Grenoble INP  Vivien Quéma, Executive director
Université Grenoble Alpes Nicolas Lesca et Valérie Chanal
Grenoble INP Mireille Jacomino et Michel Desvignes
Sciences Po Grenoble Philippe Teillet et Yann Echinard
CEA Chantal Tardif
CHU Grenoble Alpes Elodie Ancillon
ComUE Denis Jongmans (Doctoral college)
Isabelle Olivier (VP Innovationa and digital learning)
ENSAG Marie Wozniak
Etudiant Ali Fouladkar

Published on July 2, 2018