IDEX: Executive commission socio-cultural outreach

Presentation and members

Objectives and mission

The executive commission Socio-cultural outreach of Univ. Grenoble Alpes aims at developing the role of the university as a cultural actor, both nationally and internationally, in collaboration with cultural and socio-economic partners. The commission supports high-level collaborative projects which contribute to the visibility of the university, for better institutional coordination and the creation of new forms of knowledge transfer, cooperation with the public, and science / society interaction.  

Its activities aim at:
  • Supporting initiatives emerging from the academic community
  • Providing a collaboration framework with the main actors of culture, scientific culture and territorial development
  • Establishing stable relationships around shared principles and objectives
  • Fostering innovative, transdisciplinary actions


A better structure to support culture, scientific culture and science / society interaction

IDEX partners aim at improving the coordination, coherence and implementation of their actions, initiatives and programming.

A publishing house to support and structure knowledge dissemination

A publishing house will be established on the basis of existing resources of partners. It will be centered on multi-lingual and multi-support publications. It will articulate its politics with the politics of open access, essentially for journals and across all disciplines, and will benefit from a common catalogue.

High-level musical practice on campus

The IDEX project supports the University Choir and Orchestra. It therefore fosters artistic excellence, a broadening repertoire, the participation and education of students, and the national and international visibility of the university, with visiting conductors and exchanges with other academic choirs and orchestra.

High-profile conferences from internationally renowned scientists and artists

The national and international visibility of the university is also supported through the high-profile Univ. Grenoble Alpes conferences. Organized in collaboration with local partners, these conferences are digitally broadcasted to reach a wide audience.

A call for projects to support the university’s socio-cultural outreach

This call supports high-quality projects, in partnership with socio-cultural and socio-economic actors, to ensure the visibility of the university, a better institutional coordination and the creation of new forms of intervention. Each project can target one or several transversal objectives:

  • Innovative collaborative projects with remote areas in the region
  • Collaborative projects with socio-cultural and socio-economic actors
  • Innovative interdisciplinary projects between IDEX partners, with possible collaboration with external partners

Members of the commission

Institution Members
UGA Marie-Christine Bordeaux, Co-executive director
UGA Charles Ambrosino, Co-executive director
Inria Pauline Tardy-Gaillard
UGA Vanessa Delfau
Grenoble INP Roland Groz
Sciences Po Grenoble Fabien Terpan
ComUE Isabelle Girerd-Potin
ComUE Nassim Mekeddem
CROUS Jean-Pierre Ferré
CNRS Pascale Natalini
CHU Grenoble Alpes Hélène Sabbah
ADUDA Florent Michalon
ESAD Jacques Norigeon
Grenoble-Alpes Metropole Julie Falcot
ComUE Bertrand Vignon

Published on July 2, 2018