Fostering Days, part 1: Fostering Ideas

from March 18, 2019 to March 19, 2019

From an innovative idea/concept to an ERC project. Information and training days to ERC writing for future applicants for European Research Council scholarships.


18 March

Morning : ERC workshop (for StG/AdG & SyG) / ERC objectives, evaluation criteria, implications…

Afternoon: dedicated session for StG / how to develop a project idea ?

19 March

Morning: dedicated session for SSH topics / how to translate ERC objectives, evaluation criteria and writing instructions to SSH jargon ?

Afternoon: face to face rdv for AdG/SyG candidates

Infos & pre-registrations

NB : FOSTERING DAYS PART II will focus on the writing part, especially for StG proposals (end of May 2019, Maison MINATEC)
Published on February 28, 2019

Practical informations


Maison Jean Kuntzmann, 110 rue de la chimie, domaine universitaire