Global Challenges Science Week: International interdisciplinary days of Grenoble Alpes

The Global Challenges Science Week 2019 counted more than 1000 registered with 350 to 550 participants everyday from 18 different countries gathering around 15 scientific workshops, 8 PhD Thesis Awards, 6 plenary lectures, 1 "Conférence d'Exception", as well as, many demonstrations and networking opportunities. They shared the latest research results, debated about interdisciplinary issues, and discussed opportunities to set up new international collaborations to tackle the main 21st century challenges.

  • 15 Scientific Workshops
    The programme of the Global Challenges Science Week is organised around 15 interdisciplinary scientific workshops.
  • 6 Plenary Lectures
    Six outstanding interdisciplinary lectures given by renowned international scientists, followed by a debate with the audience.
  • Networking
    Plenty of opportunities to network in a studious atmosphere, around a glass of wine or in the streets while enjoying the street art.
  • Conférence d'exception
    "Artificial intelligence and ethics" by Gilles DOWEK, winner of the 2007 Philosophy Award by the Académie française.
  • Panel Discussion: Open science & Open access
    The path towards Open science: challenges and solutions for scientific publications.
  • PhD thesis awards
    A moment to celebrate the outstanding achievement of eight Grenoble Alpes recent PhDs!
  • Excellency in Industry-Research partnership
    Workshop organized by 4 Carnot Institutes: LSI, Polynat and Energies du Futur (public research structures with proven high level R&I competencies dedicated to fostering innovation with industrial partners)


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