Governance of research departments

The governance of research departments relies on the following elements:
Leadership team:

  • One director, together with 2 or 3 assistant directors

Strategic steering committee:

  • Representatives of the institutions
  • Chaired by the President of the ComUE

Research department board:

  • Elected representatives from the laboratories’ staff
  • Representatives of economic, scientific, cultural, and social partners
  • Chaired by the research department director

Directors' council:

  • Directors of the various research structures of the department
  • Chaired by the research department director
  • Leaders of school or education components, depending on the agenda

This governance is tasked with:

  • helping to design and implement the research strategy for the department
  • supporting and developping all disciplinary fields, both in basic and applied research
  • fostering pluridisciplinarity
  • encouraging collaborations between the research units of the various research departments
  • developping collaborations between research departments to tackle ambitious transversal projects
  • strengthening the structural links between institutions and national research organizations involved in Univ. Grenoble Alps


Published on January 12, 2018