Mission of research departments

These 6 research departments support and develop excellence in research within all disciplinary fields – both in basic and applied research – and foster pluridisciplinary and collaboration between the teams of the various departments.
They collaborate to tackle ambitious transversal projects. Most research structures are shared with national research organizations such as CNRS, CEA, Inserm and Inria.
Missions of research departments:

  • Contribute to the design and implementation of research strategy
  • Distribute financial and human resources, in particular through incentive calls for projects
  • Design proposals for recruitment of open positions for professor-researchers (alongside the education components) and researchers
  • Forecast the needs of laboratories in administrative and technical staff
  • Take part in the setting up of recruitment commissions for professor-researchers
  • Submit preliminary decisions about the mobility professors-researchers and invited professors, in collaboration with education components
  • Raise funds
  • Communicate on the research potential of Univ. Grenoble Alpes as a whole, and develop collaborations with industrial, political, cultural and economic partners

Published on January 12, 2018