Excellency in Industry-Research partnership

Workshop organized by 4 Carnot Institutes: LSI, Polynat and Energies du Futur (public research structures with proven high level R&I competencies dedicated to fostering innovation with industrial partners)

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The objective of this Workshop, organized by Carnot LSI (Software and Intelligent Systems) with the participation of Carnot Polynat, Carnot Energie du Futur and Carnot Leti, is to give an overview f the key role that Carnot Institutes play in partnership between highly ranked research labs in Grenoble Alpes Univrsity and the industry at the worldwide level.
Carnot Institute is one of French innovation ecosystem stakeholders. It is a research organization which places partnership research, i.e. research led with and for industry (from SMEs to large corporations), at the heart of its strategy. Each Carnot Institute makes firm commitments to developing its R&D activities in favor of fostering industry innovation. The Carnot Label is granted to public research structures, Carnot institutes, with proven, high level R&I competencies dedicated to fostering innovation with industrial partners. They concurrently conduct upstream research capable of renewing their scientific and technological skills, and an ambitious partnership research policy to the benefit of the socio-economic world. Carnot institutes are recognized for their high scientific standards, their professionalism and their commitment to developing high quality partnership rese. In this respect, they take a proactive approach in favor of innovation in companies of all sizes by offering R&D support which takes into consideration the companies’ economic and market constraints. Our mission is to develop research partnerships with industry and other research & technology organizations, to bring answers to their unmet innovation needs that will have a positive societal and economic impact.

Detailed programme:

Thursday 6 June
10:30am - 12:30pm 10:30 - 10:40 Welcome

Session 1: University Industry Collaboration

Chairman: Ahmed Lbath, General manager of Carnot LSI, Workshop Chair

10:40 – 10:45 Opening Remarks
- Ahmed Lbath, General manager of Carnot LSI Institute

10:45 - 11:15 Presentation of the Carnot network
- Alain Duprey, General manager of the national Carnot institutes association

11:15 - 12:30 21st Century University industry cooperation: a focus on advancing artificial intelligence
- Charles Wessner, Faculty, Internationally recognized expert in innovation policy, including public-private partnerships, entrepreneurship, early-stage financing for new firms, and the special needs and benefits of high-technology industry - Georgetown University

Dr. Wessner will speak about the foundations of the US innovation eco-system with particular reference to the development of artificial intelligence. He will review the policy framework for innovation and entrepreneurship in the United States, the scale and focus of public investment in applied, mission oriented research, including a review of agencies, such as DARPA, which contribute to advances in the field. Particular attention will be given to the origins, investments and operations of the Albany Nano- cluster and its unique university based facilities, as well as some of the most recent partnerships designed to drive advances in the foundations of artificial intelligence.
12:30pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 4pm Session 2: Good practices for successful partnerships between public research and companies: Feedback of Startups, SME, laboratories
Chairmen: Jean Caelen and Ahmed Lbath

- Carnot LSI, Exsite: Excitable bioinspired protein-biomimetic membrane for ionic signalling in a vision-sensing neuromorphic system
- Donald Martin, Professor, Innovation project leader
- Carnot Polynat, FunCell - Biosourced solutions for Cellulosic Materials
- Lauric Gaffiot, Inventor & Co-project Manager - FunCell
- Carnot Energie du Futur
- Carnot Leti

Published on June 2, 2019