Transformative projects

CDP Projects (Cross Disciplinary Program)

Inter- and multidisciplinarity are ways to address scientific and socio-economic challenges at the interface of disciplinary fields. They also challenge disciplinary fields to go beyond their current frontiers. One of the two focuses of Univ. Grenoble Alpes consists of connecting disciplinary fields to support the progress of science, knowledge and innovation.

Projets CDP 2016

  • Eco-SESA
    As we face the challenge of climate change, the control of the stochastic production from the renewable energy sources in urban areas challenges the historical - centralized and unidirectional - operation mode of the grids and the relationship of individuals and communities to energy.
  • Glyco@Alps
    Glyco@Alps explores the fascinating structural diversity and complexity of sugars, including those found in the Alpine biodiversity, and focuses on their exploitation for biopharmaceuticals, medical diagnostics, personalized medicine, materials, environmental sustainability and innovative bio-industries.
  • The Grenoble Data Institute project aims to undertake groundbreaking interdisciplinary research focusing on how data change science and society.
  • Optimizing health trajectories by leveraging social, urban and environmental data
  • NeuroCoG
    From Neurons to Social Cognition in Grenoble: Understanding Brain & Mind with an interdisciplinary perspective
  • An ecosystem for quantum technologies
  • Trajectories
    Reconstructing and projecting trajectories of alpine societies and their environment

Projets CDP 2017

  • Circular
    Research, IDEX Project
    Designing circular industrial systems for the Industry of the Future
  • Cosmethics
    Research, IDEX Project
    At the confluence of beauty and health,from molecules to social habits
  • Cybersecurity Institute
    Research, IDEX Project
    Reshaping technologies and social sciences
  • MobilAir
    Research, IDEX Project
    Better air quality for better life
  • Need for IoT
    Research, IDEX Project
    Anticipate and support sustainable transitionin nanoelectronic industries.
  • Origin of Life
    Research, IDEX Project
    Explore life on Earth, and beyond?
  • Patrimalp
    Research, IDEX Project
    Science of heritage: perspectives on cultural artworks
  • Performance Lab
    Research, IDEX Project
    Grasping the sensorial
  • RISK
    Research, IDEX Project
    Managing risk for a more resilient world
    Research, IDEX Project
    A systems approach to new paradigmsin metabolic and epigenetic regulation

Laboratories of excellence (LABEX)

With 77 selected projects for more than 1 billion € in direct funding, Grenoble is the second-most funded location (after Paris) of the first round of the Investment for the Future (IDEX) program.
  • AE&CC / Architecture, environment and building culture
  • AMIES / Promoting mathematics in businesses
  • ARCANE / Bio-inspired and bio-targeted chemistry
  • CAMI / Pushing the boundaries of surgery 
  • CEMAM / Excellence for multifunctional architectured materials 
  • ENIGMASS / The enigma of mass
  • FOCUS / Better detectors for exploring the Universe
  • GRAL / Grenoble alliance for integrated structural and cellular biology
  • ITEM / Social change and innovation in mountainous regions
  • LANEF / Laboratory of Nanoscience Alliances – Future Energies
  • MINOS-LAB / The miniature of nanoelectronic components
  • OSUG@2020 / Towards a better understanding and prediction of natural systems 
  • PERSYVAL-LAB / The physical and digital worlds come together
  • TEC21 / Complexity engineering for technological innovation